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Terms and Conditions – Photoshoots


The 1988 Copyright Act assigns the copyright to the Photographer. It is contrary to the Act to copy, publish, reproduce or store images electronically, unless the express permission of Sally Masson Photography has been purchased. If permission is granted, then transfer of the copyright commences only once payment for the copyright has been made in full. Terms & COnditions

The Client may not (either personally or via a third party) alter or add to or manipulate a picture by means of computer or any other technique or reproduce a picture in whole or in part as an element within, or as a montage with, another picture.


The photographer reserves the right for any photograph created during sessions to be displayed in the studio, portfolio, or in any other advertising directly associated with Sally Masson Photography.  Payment can be made directly from the website


Any negatives and/or digital files shall remain the sole property of the Photographer(s) at all times.All completed albums and products shall remain the property of the Photographer(s) until full payment is received

Force Majeure

In the unlikely event of total photographic failure, injury or sickness beyond Sally Masson Photography’s control, their liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid. Your statutory rights are not affected. Sally Masson Photography has full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.


If Sally Masson Photography has to cancel the appointment for reasons beyond their control (death, injury, sickness, etc.), their liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid. If the Client cancels the appointment an unconditional refund policy exists up until 7 days prior to the reserved slot at which point the full Booking Fee will be retained by Sally Masson Photography.

Booking Fee

A booking fee, depending on which session you would like to book, is required at the time of booking in order to secure the time, date and services of Sally Masson Photography.  Please note that this payment is for the session only and does not include any prints, product or digital files, unless specified by Sally Masson Photography.

Gallery Delivery

The standard lead time for Gallery delivery is 14 days, during busier times 21 days.  Sally Masson Photography will let you know when you place your order when to expect delivery of your collection.  Your gallery will remain live for 14 days for you to choose your collection, if an order is not received within this time, the images are archived (please also refer to Archiving).  Any delay in payment of fees payable to Sally Masson Photograhy will affect the delivery period. If your collection includes digital files, these will be delivered on USB by post (if applicable to your chosen collection) to the address specified. Once delivered all risk to any product lies with the client


Your Photographs may be destroyed or archived at the discretion of Sally Masson Photography after the expiration of the applicable ordering period referred to in these Terms and Conditions.   Subject to receipt of an order for a Package or Artwork Products and payment of the Package Fee, we will archive your Photographs for a period of 12 months.  It is the clients responsibility to store their images safely.  Any orders placed once your Photographs have been archived may incur a retrieval fee, this is also the case if the client wishes the gallery to be reloaded. This is an additional cost to your original order

At your request and subject to payment of any fees we may charge, we may agree to reinstate a Your Proofs Gallery that has been archived, or extend the viewing period for a Your Proofs Gallery that is still active.  We are unable to reinstate a Your Proofs Gallery that has been destroyed.

Product Delivery

Products other than digital files are bespoke so take an average of 4-8 weeks to create (depending on product) from the point when the Client approves the order of the product. To allow for post-production and editing time Digital Files will be ready to view 14 days after the event.

Photography during photoshoot

Aside from Sally Masson Photography no photography or recording is permitted throughout the photoshoot 

Creative Licence

Sally Masson Photography shall be granted creative and artistic licence in relation to the choice of locations and poses used. Sally Masson Photography’s judgement on photographic style and the number of photographs taken shall be deemed correct. Some photographs may not be possible due to changes of the weather and the availability and willingness of subjects. Sally Masson Photography will do their best to honour requested photographs but do not undertake to guarantee any specific picture nor incorporate any specific background, location or group arrangement.

Postponement Due To Adverse Weather/illness

If the appointment has to be cancelled by Sally Masson Photography or the client due to adverse weather conditions or illness a new, mutually agreed appointment will be made. 

Cancellation by Cleint

 Family/Pet/Newborn & Maternity Photoshoots – If the client cancels the photoshoot within 48 hours of the session, the session fee is non refundable and a new session fee will need to be paid to secure a new date

Commercial Photoshoots – If the client cancels the photoshoot last minute where full days are booked within 48 hours of the photoshoot (full day being 8 hours across a booking) a £250 cancellation fee is implemented, a half day (4 hours across a booking) a £150 cancellation fee is implemented 


All complaints should be raised by the Client directly to the Photographer in writing within 14 days of the occurrence which gives rise to the complaint. The Photographer will consider the complaint and shall provide a response to the Client within 14 days of receipt of that Complaint. In the unlikely event of an unresolved complaint the Client may request the Guild of Photographers to mediate but only on the basis that its decision shall be final and binding upon both parties. The alternative to the latter is that the Client will need to consider legal action.

Terms & Conditions