Jake’s 40th Birthday Celebration

My friends horse Jake recently turned 40 years old, he was given the birthday of all birthday’s. This birthday was celebrated in style with cakes, candles, cards and banners, friends and family, such a dear old man.  I was so happy to capture this big occasion!

Paula has written a bit about Jake for me to accompany the images, I hope you enjoy his story and photo’s 🙂

I’ve had the pleasure of owning Jake for 17 wonderful years.

Our relationship started the way it was to carry on ! I went to see Jake at Hastoe Hill Riding School where he had been for about 9 years and where Kirsty my eldest daughter was helping out and riding Jake. The school was closing down and the horses were all being sold. I went into the stable to say hello to Jake and he bit me ! I was love at first bite !! ?
We brought him home to live with our loan horse at the time, lovely Sam ? they were together for 4 yrs until Sams mummy Kerry returned from travelling and moved with him to Southampton.

Then we got his now best buddy Ciscoe who he adores?


Jake loves routine and soon tells you if you’ve done something wrong !! He never fails to come straight to me in the field and is always the first to call from the stable when I pull up on a winters morning ….
Jake is a lovely boy who knew his job when he was ridden, always tried his best and loved showing off in the ring ! He and Demi had a love hate relationship…he taught her a lot but let her know who was boss and everything was on his terms … kids weren’t his favourite but he made the exception for demi ! I think retirement suits him best though !
Jake has many quirky ways but deep down he’s a big softy with a massive heart … they say you have one horse of a lifetime, that’s my Jake ! ?
One thing is for sure, this horse is loved so much by Paula and her Daughters Demi and Kirsty, he has the best life 🙂