Eamon contacted me just after Christmas 2017 to ask if I could take a family photoshoot. I have known Eamon for around 40 years, we grew up in the same street. A lovely man, one of my Brothers closest friends. Eamon wanted me to head over and take a family photoshoot for him as soon as possible, he was very poorly and had a life limiting illness, he wanted to create some memories for his wife and 4 lovely daughters.

What prompted me to write about this family is that we did that photoshoot a year ago today, January 13th 2018, on a drab miserable day in a field just a very short walk from the family home. There were no colourful tree’s, it was just a field. But none of that mattered. We found a little corner with some nice green foliage and used that for the whole shoot and it was fun and even the family dog had a good time. Precious memories were made.

Eamon, Tracey and the Girls were thrilled with all their photo’s from the shoot. Although the couple had been together for many years and had 4 wonderful girls together, they had never married. Que the Wedding arrangements. Eamon and Tracey arranged to be married on 12th May, 2018 and I was thrilled when they asked me to be one of the witness’s, I insisted that I do the photography as this was going to be such a special day, a small affair surrounded by their family and lifelong friends, all of which I knew and am very happy to call friends too. Most of us grew up together.

The Wedding was held at Dunstable Registry office, again the weather wasn’t kind, it was raining, and again it didn’t matter. It was such a happy occasion and everyone was so excited. If you saw Eamon that day and you didn’t know him, you would never have known he was even ill, he looked so fit and well, this was their day and he was going to enjoy it surrounded by all the people he cared dearly about. In hindsite looking at photo’s of that day, the wedding had fuelled him and he just pushed forward at the thought of marrying Tracey and having their Daughters by their side as Bridesmaids. I felt totally honoured to be a part of it. Out the back of the Registry office there is a bandstand which was perfect to shoot all the group shots out of the rain. Looking at the photo’s you would never even have known it was pouring.

Eamon was a massive Arsenal fan his entire life, he and Paul (my brother) both wore Arsenal Cufflinks on the day.

My Brother Paul thought the world of Eamon and was so honoured to be his Best Man, he was there for him throughout his illness. They had been best friends for over 50 years.

After the Wedding we all headed to the local social club which been beautifully decorated, the celebrations were brilliant, some of us hadn’t seen each other in months or even years

on 30th June, 2018, just 6 weeks after that lovely Wedding, the world lost a beautiful soul, Eamon lost his battle with cancer surrounded by his lovely wife and girls, he fought it with dignity, grace and strength and Tracey, he would be so proud of his lovely family. You have faced each day since as a unit, one step at a time. 

The day of Eamon’s funeral was again filled with all those familiar faces, I didn’t know all the arrangements that had been made, but wow what a send off, he was given the send off he so deserved, one fit for a king, when I first saw the hearse I couldn’t even speak. You girls did him proud.

At the same hall we were at just a few weeks before for the wedding, we celebrated his life, we laughed and laughed and talked about the fun times we all had together back in the day, the Manor Estate crew.

Eamon will never be forgotten and always remembered with such fondness by all of us.

In loving memory of you Eamon